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Connect Church is partnering with the Harare Baptist church members to raise finance and manage their new church building project. The church building will be used as a base for serving the local community, enabling skills training and other forms of social development to take place alongside the spreading of the Gospel.

We want to see people reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ and for Harare Baptist Church to have a strong and vibrant presence in the local community. Watch below to see how Connect Church is partnering with Harare Baptist Church to have this vision realised.



The Harare informal settlement, one of the 22 that make up Khayelitsha, is home to approximately 27,000 people living under extremely poor conditions with limited access to basic amenities like electricity, water, and sanitation. Despite these challenges, the Harare Baptist Church, supported by exceptional and dedicated Christians, has been a beacon of hope for the last 27 years, providing services to its community, but it has never been resourced to do the Community development work that is so badly needed or so richly deserved, and without which the people of Harare cannot expect to gain advanced skills, earn self-respect, or develop a culture that will allow them to be satisfied with what life has
to offer them.

The UMBONO Vision

The impact of this project extends beyond the physical structure.Harare Baptist Church envisions becoming a hub for worship, learning, enterprise, feeding, and entertainment for their community, offering much-needed advice, counselling, and practical support. The project, aptly named UMBONO 25, embodies their commitment to completing the building, training their people, and thus realising this vision by 2025.


We have reached the point where we no longer have enough funding to continue with the project. To date we have received R 3.5 Million in funding and we estimate that to complete the project another R 4 Million is required.

Johannes Lata

Pastor Johannes began leading Harare Baptist Church 23 years ago, and today is being joined by Connect Church in a long-term partnership in ministry. Our desire is to see the Kingdom of God grow and spread in the Khayelitsha region and beyond and Connect Church has joined to assist in the financial and building project-management of the new facilities. To become a place of hope, the church buildings will also be used as a base for serving the local community enabling skills training and other forms of social development to take place along with the spreading of the Gospel.



We are seeking donors who share our vision for positive change in
underserved communities. Your support could make a significant difference in the lives of
those living in the Harare informal settlement. Whether through a financial contribution or
by connecting us with potential donors or funders, your involvement can help us bring this
project to fruition.


Close all openings and install windows and doors where required
Rustproofing, waterproofing and painting
Grind and seal floor creating a hardwearing and durable finish
Install mezzanines for offices, clinic, aftercare, homework room, computer literacy room etc.
Connect plumbing and install sanitaryware (toilets, sinks etc.)
Electrical installation and fittings (plugs, lights etc.)
Joinery to kitchen and offices, clinic etc.
External works, paving, rainwater harvesting, multi purpose sports surface (netball, basketball etc.)
Plumbing, Electrical, Structural and Fire Certificates for Council Occupation Certificate


Prayer Support

Financial Giving

Give using Snapscan

Step 1. Snap
Open SnapScan and use your phone’s camera to scan the SnapCode displayed on the right >

Step 2. Pay
Enter the amount you wish to contribute and select ‘Harare Baptist Building’ from the Dropdown menu

Step 3. Go!
Select ‘Pay’ and confirm payment with your 4-digit PIN.

All done! THANK YOU for your contribution to seeing this vision realised.

Give via Bank Transfer

Connect Church
Standard Bank: Blue Route
Branch Code: 025 609
Acc No: 2700 844 87
Ref: Harare Baptist Building

With the financial participation of like-minded people, this initiative has the potential to play a pivotal role in the lives of thousands of people in a severely underserved area of our city, and stand as a testament to the power of collective action and positive change that can be achieved when communities come together with a shared vision.
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